Protect your assets with an
Irrevocable Trust Fund

Estate Street Partners has been helping our clients with court-tested, expert level asset protection services for more than 30 years. We avoid a canned approach by evaluating and personalizing a plan for your specific needs and situation.

Top 5 Reasons
Ultra Trust® Offers
Superior Peace of Mind

1. Supporting Case Law: The Ultra Trust® is proven by a number of court cases across the U.S.
2. Asset Type Flexibility: When executed correctly, the Ultra Trust® can protect any asset type.
3. Statutory Basis: The Ultra Trust® irrevocable trust is supported by state and federal statutes.
4. Trust Flexibility: The term conditions and beneficiations of the Ultra Trust® can be changed.
5. Privacy: The Ultra Trust® re-positions assets from your personal ownership and from any disclosure of your personal assets.


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Video Testimonials

Watch and listen to what real clients have to say about Ultra Trust.

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Written Testimonials

Here’s what real Ultra Trust customers are saying.

They just don’t teach this stuff in college. Some of these guys walk around with business cards indicating international business, but they just don’t have a clue on how to conduct business in a foreign country. They read textbooks and they try to apply textbook principles, but some of them have never worked in business or left the country. They never heard of an IBC or Foreign Asset Protection Trusts, or double stacking trusts, or U.S. reporting requirements. Their only advice is to talk to your accountant or lawyer. Wait a minute are they not the educators?

Edward K.


There’s an ocean of information out there on the internet. But can you trust the internet to give you solid information/knowledge? I looked over your web site and I called you for more information. The best hour of my experienced life was to reach out to a most knowledgeable individual with a broad spectrum of gray-haired expertise. Most advisors are mainstream with mainstream ideas. You are definitely out of the box. I look forward to continuing our interactions.

George S.


Mr. Beatrice, Thank you for taking my call. It allowed me to really understand why the attorney who spoke at an “asset protection” seminar the other night really doesn’t seem to understand asset protection; a scary thought! If I were just sitting in the audience without ever studying this stuff I would view him as an expert and go with what he tells me!!! Thank goodness I learned proper asset protection from you.

Bob D.


Dear Mr. Beatrice: The information I learned from you is absolutely invaluable. I have listened to many “asset protection” attorneys. Their way of providing business asset protection is to buy more liability insurance and to eliminate the estate tax is to buy more life insurance. You don’t think they have a retainer contract with the insurance companies, do you? You’re underselling yourself. The topic of asset protection, probate elimination, and estate tax elimination is complicated, you have found a way to simplify with one Ultra Trust®.

Jeremy K.


Most advisors are mainstream with mainstream ideas. You are definitely out of the box. Your ability to take apart complex issues and provide alternative solutions is simply remarkable. Your vast array of tax planning strategies are extraordinary. You are absolutely in my little black book of people to call.

Rick S.


Dear Rocco, I write to express my greatest appreciation for the outstanding job you have done in compiling all of the vital information on asset protection and trusts. I especially want to acknowledge you for your gifted ability to transfer that knowledge to me in such an easily understandable manner. I hate to think how much I and my associates have spent over the years on so-called asset protection “experts” who don’t know 10% of what you know. Thank you for your commitment to excellence and for the ongoing contribution the Ultra Trust® is making to me and my business.

John M.


Short, snappy, and to the point, timely, and directly applicable. The tax deferral strategies and techniques are head and shoulders above what I have seen so far. Please don’t spread it around, I prefer to be one of the 1%.

Mario B.


Dear Rocco, if it wasn’t for you, I still would be in the middle of a most/most unpleasant event. Your persistence of repositioning my assets with three separate Ultra Trusts® definitely saved me from selling pencils on the corner of Broad and 42nd Street in Time Square.

Bill W.

New York
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